SBLG: Stranzinger, Bernegger, Lackner & Gingold

Partnership of independent attorneys

Who can start a good partnership? The open conversation is always the basis for a durable, reliable partnership. We at SBLG Rechtsanwälte strongly believe that this should apply to us as a team. In order to book successes together on a long-term basis, it applies even more to the way in which we deal with our clients.

Of course we as a team rely on our broad knowledge in dealing with legal questions of all sorts. This is the basis of our law firm, cemented by the mix of specializations offered by our four attorneys. This allows legal challenges to always be analyzed from a broad perspective, meaning that you as our client are assured of extensive legal certainty.

Joint success with accountability

Your success in business should be the result of more than just the fact that we achieve the best solution by dealing with your legal challenges in a responsible and serious way. For us at SBLG, it already starts with the fair and economically favorable conditions laid out for you in a clear and transparent manner at the start of our cooperation.

It's not just commercial  we at SBLG Rechtsanwälte are convinced that a trusting environment, which provides you with legal certainty in all matters, should offer still more.

We take responsibility. We stand by our word that you will receive the service that you need. Meeting deadlines, proactive analysis and action and a conscientious approach at each stage of your legal challenge  this is our mission and your added value.

The attorneys at SBLG Rechtsanwälte

Dr. Andreas Stranzinger

Dr. Andreas Stranzinger

Dr. Andreas Bernegger

Dr. Andreas Bernegger

Mag. Christian Lackner

Mag. Christian Lackner

Dr. Ronald Gingold

Dr. Ronald

The core team at SBLG Rechtsanwälte provides the spearhead for all legal questions. The experience our attorneys have accumulated in renowned law firms and specialized boutiques as well as the related work they have done on cases of both national and international importance provides a wealth of expertise in many different fields of law.

Solving problems, uncomplicated and at eye level

We are ready to tackle your legal issues, be they personal or commercial, in the best possible way. We see ourselves as advisors first and foremost, working for you with the aim of turning your plans into durable, positive results.